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Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Afternoon Project - Boho Chic Bracelet

Nothing better than a Friday afternoon, especially one right after a holiday.....except a Friday afternoon after a holiday that includes a FREE project!

Today's project is a Boho Chic leather and bead bracelet.  This was created using a Jewelry Class in a Box in Natural from Prima Bead.  

After flipping through the project pamphlet included in the kit, I decided to combine a couple to make a really cute bracelet.  Project time is about 20 minutes.  Skill level is beginner to intermediate.

Supplies from the kit:
1 - Round Twisted Rope Style Connector
1 - Cord End
1 - Lobster Claw Clasp
2 - 4mm Jump Rings
1 - 6mm Jump Ring
2 - crimp tubes
1 - Wooden Teal Bead
2 - Brown Speckled Red Acrylic Beads
1 - Brown Speckled Tan Acrylic Bead
2 - Antique Brass Colored Acrylic Spacer Beads
6 - Wooden Brown Daisy Spacer Beads
Tan leather
Flexible beading wire
Bead Mat

Tools Needed:
Crimping Pliers
Flush Cutters
Chain Nose Pliers
Measuring Tape

Skills Needed:
Simple Knotting

The leather will make up the majority of the bracelet.  Measure your wrist to determine length.  My wrist measures roughly 7 inches.  I went with an 8 inch bracelet for comfort.  
I cut off 9 inches of the leather and made a Lark's Head Knot (see photo on right) on to the connector.  The leather portion should make up the majority of the bracelet.

Attach a cord end to the ends of the leather using Chain Nose Pliers.  (See photo below left.) Attach a 4mm jump ring and a clasp to this end.

Attach a 4mm jump ring to a 6 mm jump ring.  Thread beading wire through the 4mm jump ring and center the ring in the middle of the piece of wire.  Slide on a crimp tube onto both ends of the wire and crimp. (See photo on right,)


Slide on one red bead, a brass spacer, five daisy spacers, a brass spacer, a teal bead, a tan bead, another red bead, and one more daisy and a crimp tube.  Run the ends of the wire through the metal connector end of the leather strand and back through the crimp tube.  Pass the wire back through the last daisy spacer and the red bead.  (See photo on right.) Crimp and trim off the extra wire.  Enjoy your new bracelet.

 You can mix and match the beads to suit your particular tastes as well. Have fun and enjoy your crafting afternoon.