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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

And the Madness Continues.....It's Okay...We Are All Mad Here Anyway.

As in a previous post, I have begun bead embroidery.  I have to say, I AM TOTALLY ADDICTED!  After I made my mom's lovely for her birthday (she totally cried by the way when she opened it), I have made two more pieces.

I love the earthiness of Tiger's Eye and decided to use it in my next two pieces.

I did a little different bezel for the stone on these pieces than the first one.  On the first one, I did a back stitch method. On these pieces, I used even count Peyote stitch.  I can't decide which one I like better.  I can see flaws in this photograph.  I didn't have any obvious flaws showing in the back stitch method.

Attaching those spines was an interesting adventure to say the least. :)

I love the design I came up with for the "chain" part of the necklace.  It is a combination of ladder and brick stitches.  I like how these oval Tiger's Eye beads look like candy.

On this next piece, I went simplistic.  I again used the Even Count Peyote stitch for the bezel. Instead of a basic beaded edge, I went with a picot edge which turned out very lovely.  I woven a bail for it as well so I could put it on a chain.

The stitching is much better for this one. 

Still a few wobbles around the edge, but all in all a very lovely piece.

Materials used were:
Toho 11/0 Round in Galvanized Gold and Matte Opaque Soft Brown
Toho 15/0 Round in Matte Opaque Oxblood
Toho 6/0 Round in Bronze
Cousin Bead Basics 11/0 Matte Brown and 6/0 in Amber/Bronze
Toho 9mm Bugle Beads in Antique Bronze
Bead Treasures Tiger's Eye 6mm rounds and 25mm x 17mm oval
Bead Treasures 11/0 Czech Glass in 14 kt Gold Plated Crystal
Tiger's Eye Cabochons: 30mm x 40mm and 25mm x 18mm
Tiger's Eye Bead Chips
Cousin's Elegance Metal 14 kt Gold Plated Jump Rings, Link Chain, and Clasp
Nicole's Bead Backing
Suede Leather
22 gauge Red Brass Wire
Beadalon's Wildfire Braided Beading Thread in both Crystal and Smoke
NYMO thread in Peach
Size 12 English Beading Needle
White Craft Glue