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Monday, March 5, 2012

Featured Shop of March 5th, 2012

This week I have chosen to feature Lilywinkel, Real Touch & Silk Bouquets, Boutonnieres Flower Jewelry.

Meet Annie and Suzanne, owners of Lilywinkel:
My name is Annie and I work with my grandmother Suzanne (who I call Grammy). My grandmother has been creating beautiful wedding bouquets for over 30 years, having worked first in a florist shop and then later creating both fresh and artificial wedding floral for family and friends. She's the florist of choice for all her grandchildren's weddings as well.

I've often sat at the kitchen table with her, wiring leaves and handing her clippers or flowers, carefully shaking off the water and making sure the thorns didn't stab. Then I would watch as she placed the most beautiful flowers in crucial places in the bouquet. For one, it was a lily on the very top of the bouquet that only the bride could see so that she was reminded of Christ clothing her like a lily of the valley. For another, it was carefully placed magenta orchids that throbbed with life and beauty for my little sister's wedding. After the primary flowers were in place, she would fill in with complementary flowers and leaves, each blossom placed exactly right. Sometimes, when she didn't have to think about the artistic placement of each flower, she would tell me stories about her childhood in the Dutch Reformed community in Denver, and about her mother's rosebushes, and how girls in her youth always got married with orange blossoms in their bouquets or in their hair.

Now, I would like to learn from her as I share her beautiful bouquets with you. We will be working together to create silk and "real touch" bouquets that have the life and artistry of a freshly cut bouquet, but the long-lasting steadiness that only a silk bouquet can bring. Your love doesn't die when your wedding day is over, so why should your flowers? We hope to make you happy by listening to your wishes and ideas and then filling your hands with gorgeous designs that will take your breath away for years to come.

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