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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lighting the Way: A New Tutorial!

Not a jewelry tutorial this time.  It's a distressed lamp tutorial.  Decided to do something different since I am working on a new studio space.  I created this lamp today and wanted to share.  My studio colors are Ocean Whisper, Chef White and Crimson Glow. These are Valspar colors that are available at Lowe's.  I recommend getting the Reserve in Satin Finish.  It covers far better than the Valspar Ultra and Valspar Signature lines.

Valspar Color Samples in your choice of colors
Valspar Clear Glaze
This Lamp from Target - $24.99
Painter's Tape
Brushes - One about 1/2" Flat Artist Brush and one smaller regular painter's brush
Paper Towels
Foam Plate
Crown Spray Tuff-Strip Multi-Surface Remover
Small Paint Scraper
Sand paper (I used my Dremel)
Krylon Low Odor Clear Finish


A couple of hours so paint can dry.

NOTE ABOUT THE LAMP - The lamp may look wooden, but it is painted resin.  DO NOT SAND OR STRIP.

What it looks like online at

Unscrew the ball from the top of the harp on the lamp. Remove shade and harp from the lamp.  Put painter's tape just under the trim on the shade on the top and bottom.

Using the small artist brush apply paint to the top rim and the bottom rim.  If you put the tape under the trim, it will help to keep the paint off the main part of the shade. Set aside to dry.

Cover the upper metal part of the lamp with tape as well as the the upper part of the cord that goes into the lamp base.

Slather the paint onto the lamp body with the larger brush. Put it on rather thick.  Don't worry about it looking messy or clumpy.   I used Chef White as my base color.

I covered as much of the lamp as I could leaving all kinds of streaks and heavy lines in it. 


Once the shade is dry, tape over the rims. You don't want any of the glaze on the rim you just painted.  If you do happen to get it on the rims, wait until completely dry and touch up the rims very carefully so you don't get any on the main part of the shade.

The reason why I started with the rims was because I was unsure if I wanted to paint the main part of the shade or not.  I'm glad I decided to paint the shade.  It just looked odd to me.

Pour about 3/4 cup Clear Glaze onto a foam plate.  Dip the brush back into the Chef White a couple of times and then mix with the glaze on the plate.  Working in large swift strokes brush the shade with the glaze.  Remember, you aren't painting.  You are glazing.  Only put enough glaze mixture on the shade to your liking.  It shouldn't be completely covered up.  If you feel that you got too much on, just wipe it off with a paper towel. Set aside to dry.

Tape off a few sections on the lamp body that you want to add color to.  Slather on the color!  Let dry.  I chose to paint the top ring, the middle ring and the bottom ring Crimson Glow.  The large ball part as well as the part just over the are going to be Ocean Whisper.

Paint the ball at the top what ever color you want it to be.  Let dry completely.

Remove the tape from the lamp.  It's okay if the paint peels off when you remove the tape.  It will add to the distressed look.  Cover the bulb socket with painter's tape to protect. Lightly spray with the Tuff-Strip.  Remember this lamp is resin not wood. Let is sit for about 5 minutes and start wiping with paper towels.  You can use a scraper if you want to in order to get more of the paint off. Sand away! I used my Dremel with the 535 Brass Brush attachment and the 180 grit Finishing Abrasive Buff (511E).  I LOVE MY DREMEL!

Remove as much or as little paint as you want.  You can sand down all the way to the resin if you like.  It will add to the distress look.  Sand the ball too as to achieve the look you want.


When it looks like you want it, spray to seal.

Enjoy your new lamp.  I know I will!

I recommend using Energy Efficient Daylight Bulbs in your new lamp.