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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

SPARKLE OVER LOAD with tutorial!

Sparkle overload?  Is there even such a thing?  Sounds made up to me......hehehehehhehe.  If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then Swarovski Crystals would be a diamond's best friend.

I love the fire Swarovski has.  They are well known for their quality and brilliance. 

I love it when I get showered in these amazing crystals and crystal pearls.

I recently received an awesome haul of Swarovski crystals courtesy of Cousin Corporation of America (CCA).  Can I say....LOVE LOVE LOVE!  These fiery babies are part of the new "Create Your Style with Swarovski" line rolling out to A.C. Moore the first week of May by Cousin.  This line will be an addition to the already popular Jewelry Basics line from CCA already available at A.C. Moore.

This is very exciting news for CCA. I have to say that I am so proud of Cousin Corporation of America for being part of the prestigious the "Create Your Style with Swarovski" line.  The unparalleled quality of Swarovski meets the high standard of quality and customer service of Cousin Corporation of America.  It's a win-win combination!

I put together this little tutorial for you to enjoy as you wait for the Create Your Style with Swarovski live to become available at your local A.C. Moore.  This dainty bridal bracelet is both delicate and feminine. You can stack it with other bracelets for a little added bling or alone when you want to be a delicate flower.

Create Your Style with Swarovski Bridal Bracelet  

Skill Level: Beginner

Craft Time: Under an hour

Products Used:
Swarovski Xilion Bicone Pearl Combo in Rosaline (47515518) soon to be available from A.C. Moore
Jewelry Basics 59 pc. Starter Pack in Bright Silver (34719157)
Cord Basics Coated Beading Wire (3202102
Four 4mm Silver Plated Round Beads  (2950243)
Two Crimp Covers
Two Silver Plated Noodle Beads

Tools Used:
Chain Nose
Flush Cutters
Crimp Tool
Tape Measure
Crimp Cover Closing Pliers (Optional)

Skills Needed:

Begin my measuring your wrist for size.  Mine will comfortably fit a 7 inch bracelet, but I wanted a loose fit so a 7.5 or 7.75 inch would be perfect.

Measure and cut about 5 inches more of wire than your bracelet size.

Attach a 4mm jump ring (the smallest one in the pack) to the clasp and set aside.

Layout your design to make sure it will fit within the size parameters. You can also do a test string to make sure your design will fit within the length parameters.

I ended up not using the original noodle beads I chose because they were a bit overpowering for the design.  I wanted the crystals are to be the focal point of the bracelet, not the metal.

Here are the new noodle beads

String a crimp tube and a 6 mm jump ring (largest one in the pack) onto the beading wire and push the wire back through the crimp tube forming a loop.  Push the tube back up close to the jump ring giving yourself some space between the tube and the jump ring.

Crimp the tube with your crimping pliers.  (I use crimping pliers for this instead of flat or chain nose because the crimping pliers created a small and stronger crimp.)

Photo from
Slide a crimp cover over the crimped tube and squeeze closed with either crimp cover closing pliers or your chain nose pliers.

Adding the crimp cover gives you a finished, more professional look as well as protecting your crimp.

Thread on your design and double check your length.  Adjust as needed.

If you have trouble getting your beading wire through the noodle bead, make a bend in the wire with your fingers about a half inch from the end of the wire.  This will help the wire not catch on the edge of the noodle bead.

Thread on another crimp tube and pass the wire through the jump ring of the clasp.  Push the wire back through the tube and slide the tube close to the jump ring leaving some room and crimp.  Cover the tube with a crimp cover and close the cover.

Trim off excess wire.

Wear your bracelet in style!