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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Rocker Chic DIY Spike Necklace Tutorial - Femme Fatale

It has been some time since I have done a tutorial, so I decided as I was making this necklace to create the tutorial as I went.  It is a very easy necklace to make with just a few items most of which are widely available either online or in craft stores.

Femme Fatale Necklace

Craft Time - Under an hour

Skill Level - Beginner Intermediate

Skills Required
Cutting Chain
Jump Rings

Beading Wire (I used Cousin brand from Walmart)
6 Gold Spikes (34708503 from Prima Bead)
6 Black Spikes (34708560 Black Spikes from Prima Bead)
13 Silver plated pewter dagger beads from Hobby Lobby (or substitute these from Prima Bead)
Twenty-Four 4mm Black Pearls (7120003 from Prima Bead)
Two Crimp Tube from (3471905 from Prima Bead)
Three 4mm Jump Rings (3471905 from Prima Bead)
Extender Chain (3471905 from Prima Bead)
Two Crimp Covers
Silver Chain (63815134 from Prima Bead)
Art Deco Clasp (34719172 from Prima Bead)

Flush Cutters
Flat or Chain Nose

Measure and cut two 8" sections of chain.  The measure a length of about 10 inches of beading wire.  Attach the beading wire to one end of a section of chain using a crimp tube. Cover the crimp with a cover and close with chain nose pliers. Trim off excess.

String on your pattern of spikes and beads alternating between silver gold and black with a 4mm black pearl in between each one.

Finish by attaching the beaded end to the second section of chain using a crimp tube. Cover with a crimp cover and close with chain nose pliers.

Measure and cut a 3" piece of the extender chain from the starter pack and attach it to one end of the chain using a jump ring.  To the end of the extender chain, use a jump ring to attach the last dagger bead. Attach a clasp to the other end of chain using a jump ring.

Your necklace is finished!