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Thursday, August 27, 2015

DIY Gemstone Wave Copper Cuff Bracelet

I created this tutorial for Prima Bead last month and am just now getting around to posting the step-by-step tutorial for it.  The written instructions are also on Prima Bead in a downloadable PDF format.

Gemstone Wave Copper Cuff Bracelet

Materials List:
16 gauge copper wire
24 gauge copper wire
Two packs 10mm Round Gemstones or similar
Tool List:
Round Nose Pliers
Chain or Flat Nose
Heavy Gauge Wire Cutters
Flush Cutters
Tape Measure

Optional Tool List:
Nylon Jaw Pliers
Bracelet Mandrel 
Skill Set: Intermediate
Wire Wrapping
Working with Jigs

Craft Time: 1 hour

Cut and straighten 40 inches of 16 gauge wire. Set aside.

Measure wrist. Place tape measure around jig and place a peg at each end of your wrist measurement in the center of the rows. Skip over one row and begin placing pegs into the top row of the jig skipping every other hole until you reach your end peg. Place pegs in the next to last row of the jig skipping every other hole until you reach your end peg. Pegs should be diagonal from the top row, not in line with it.

Make a loop with round nose pliers in one end of the wire. Place the loop over your anchor peg. Wrap the wire over each peg forming a wave. Do not wrap around your stop peg. Slip wire gently off jig.

Bend the anchor loop sideways so that it is perpendicular to the wire.

Measure one inch from the last wave and make a 90ยบ bend towards the waves. Fold the wire down back so that the wire end now runs parallel to the waves. Measure about ½ inch from the bend and trim off extra wire. Press the bend close together so it will easily slide through the anchor loop forming a clasp.


 Adjust any odd-shaped bends in the wave with round nose and flat nose pliers.  If needed, adjust the openings of the waves with the barrel of a Sharpie®™Marker.

Working with short pieces of 24 gauge wire, attach gemstones to each bend of the wave except the bends closest to the clasp. 

Squeeze the waves closer together and reshape into a bracelet.