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Monday, February 13, 2012

Featured Shop of 2/13/12

This week I am featuring Beata Belanszky Demko's Contemporary Original Artworks from

Meet Beata Belanszky Demko, owner of Beata Belanszky Demko's Contemporary Original Artworks

I am a wife and mom and live with my little family in Hungary. I started painting after the birth of my son. He is almost 4 years old, and since then I had many exhibition locally and internationally also.  I am the member of a Transylvanian Artists community and participate in international artist's painting camps.

Painting is my passion and my life. Colors really take me on a journey to another world. The procedure of painting satisfies my soul and hopefully it reaches the soul of the new owner too. I can't be more happy but when the painting finds its owner and the owner finds his / her painting.