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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

All Daintyfied and Super Cute!

Part of the fun of being a Creative Circle Ambassador for Cousin Corporation for America is getting to play around with some of the new product lines before the public gets to see them and design projects to go around those product lines.  Here are two (one easy, one a bit harder) projects using the new daintyfied™ line due to hit Michaels Craft Stores on August 15th.  The daintyfied™ program is comprised of itty, bitty charms and small, thin chains and bangles to serve as the bases.  A mixture of silver and gold charms, chains and bases provide the platform for hundreds of combinations to create and to get your creative juices flowing.

Project One:
daintyfied™ Freespirit Charm Bracelet

Two Pair Chain Nose Pliers

daintyfied™ #34778252 Bangle
daintyfied™ #34778226 "free" charms (or charms of your choice)

Craft Time:
5 minutes

Skill: Beginner

Jump Rings

Remove the charms and bracelet from packaging.  Attach the charms to the open loop on the bangle with their jump rings.  You can also just slide the charms on to the bangle itself so you can have interchangeable charms as well.

Project Two:
daintyfied™  Charmed Ring

Two Pair Chain Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Ring Mandrel or Large Barreled Marker
Flush Cutters
Rawhide Mallet (Optional)

daintyfied™ #34778226 "faith" charms (or charms of your choice)
22 gauge Craft Wire (I used Artistic Wire Non-Tarnish Brass)
Head Pins in a finish that matches your wire and charms.
4mm Crystals or Beads (I used Jewelry Basics #34721016)

Craft Time:
25 minutes

Skill: Intermediate Wire Wrapping

Jump Rings
Forming Loops
Wire Wrapping

Remove the charms from packaging and set aside.  Make four bead dangles by threading a 4mm bead onto a head pin and forming a loop.  Set aside.

Measure, cut and straighten 36 inches (91.44 cm).  Place round nose pliers at the center point of the wire and create a loop. 

Determine the size of ring you want to create and place the wire against the ring mandrel or marker barrel at the underside of the loop.  Wrap the wire ends around the mandrel two times each forming a ring shank. 

Take one wire end and bend at a 90ยบ angle.  Wrap around the ring shank five times.  Trim excess wire.  Repeat for the other side of the ring.  Push any rough edge of the wire down using the tip of your chain nose pliers.

Slide the ring back onto the mandrel to ensure that it is still round.  Hammer lightly with a rawhide mallet to harden the shank.

Attach the charms to the loop of the ring.