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Monday, November 14, 2011

Week of 11/14/11 Featured Shop

This week I am featuring Proclaim His Name from Etsy.

Meet James Michael Shirden, Owner/Artist of Proclaim His Name:

I live in Erlanger Kentucky, and work with my brothers and my dad in a small family business. Many years prior I served in the Air Force for eight years, calling both Germany and England home for a time.

I began painting about five years ago, after my children, Jamie and Cory, no longer needed me for entertainment. I currently live a simple life with my two Boston Terriers, Ethel and Alice, and when I'm not working, I'm painting. I keep the Sabbath and the Feast Days of Yah, and adhere to the Torah. Needless to say, I'm quite an oddity around here.

I was raised in a Christian family, and I raised a Christian family, but I never really thought too much about my faith. I just took it for granted. About three years ago, I began to realize that I was missing so much and felt compelled to search the scriptures, to learn all I could about our Creator, about our Redeemer, and to find out, from the source, how I am to live my life. My journey is just beginning, and my relationship with Him grows everyday.

My desire is to share His name with others, to "Proclaim His Name." I have no idea how many people know the name of our Creator and the name of His son, but I fear it is relatively few. I didn't for most of my life. I want to change that. If just one of my paintings prompts someone to learn more, to dig deeper, if a question pops into their mind that they are compelled to answer, then I will have succeeded.  Original Artwork to "Proclaim His Name" in your home. Many paintings have a simple theme...our Creator's name, or the name of our Messiah. Other paintings take an article, such as the Menorah, or an idea or message from scripture, and make a visual statement. My desire is to create art that inspires the viewer to think beyond what is on the canvas.  100% of the price you pay for your painting will be donated to