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Monday, June 4, 2012

Featured Shop of June 4th, 2012

This week I am featuring a relatively new shop from Etsy, Paper Movement.

Meet Amberley, owner and artisan of Paper Movement:

I guess you could say we're almost still newlyweds, my husband and I got married a year and a half ago. We don't have any children just yet, but we'd definitly love some in the future. We both love kids.

My husband had the idea of creating cards because he works in a print shop and because of that he has also become quite good at graphic design. I also enjoy designing, and that works out great because we help each other design our products and then Korey can print them himself where he works!

We started designing cards about half a year ago and have been slowly building up our collection. We just joined Etsy less than a week ago! My husband read about Etsy on the internet and he thought a community like that would be a great way to market our cards and posters.

Our name Paper Movement comes from the idea that paper can be used to glorify Christ. The movement idea behind our name is the idea that we want the paper we use to make a difference. This works in designing God-centred products, as well as in how we respond with what our paper can bring us (money..also made of paper).

We talk quite a bit about Untouchable Children, which is what we're moving to help. We first learned about them after reading Revolution In World Missions by K.P. Yohannon. It's a very gripping book by Gospel for Asia's founder.

The Dalits, or ‘Untouchables’ are the lowest class of people in parts of Asia under the Hindu caste system. The caste system has actually been made illegal, but unfortunately the devastating effects still remain. The majority of these people are desperately poor, exploited and powerless to change their destiny.

- The word “Dalit” means “ground”, “suppressed”, “crushed”, or “broken to pieces”.
- There are more than 240,000,000 Dalits in India, 70,000,000 of them are under 18
- There are about 2,000,000 sex slave children in India, almost all of whom are Dalits.
- Their illiterasy rate in some areas can be as high as 90%
- Every hour, two Dalits are assaulted, three Dalit women raped, two Dalits murdered and two Dalit houses burned, according to the Human Rights Education Movement of India, yet only one percent of those who commit crimes against Dalits are ever convicted.  Because these children are denied opportunity, these children are likely to remain in this vicious cycle of poverty, just like their parents.

We want to help support GFA - Bridge of Hope rescue these children with Jesus' love, quality education, a daily meal and medical care. 50 cents, and one dollar at a time...add it up and we could really make a huge difference!

For anyone starting out crafting I'm just recommend that you do something that you love and are passionate about. If you're just in it for the money it'll be frustrating when things go slower than you wish they would. Have fun, and be persistent!