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Saturday, January 28, 2012

What Dreams Do Come

Most of my dreams I ignore...they tend to be bad pizza or some strange concoction of late night television.  The dream I had this morning before waking has stirred in me in such a way I can't let it go.  Over the past several months, I have been indulging in a study of the Hebrew names of God.  My personal growth has expounded, and I believe this is where this dream stems.

Let me set the stage for you:  I am waiting with several others to go somewhere.  We are all in what appears to be an airport/mall type place.  We are all talking about various things and walking around looking in the shops while we wait for our turn to go on our journey.  Our turn comes.....

A group of us are escorted to a beautiful room where we change into white robes with gold and crimson sashes.  Jesus appears there to us.  He seems to stay at my side the entire time.  I cling to Him, just holding on to Him. He give me a purple sash to go with the ones I already have.  I just keep holding to Him.  Then He tells me He has to step away for a moment but will be back shortly.  After He leaves, the odd little distractions start happening.  A place opens up like a puppet show behind where I am standing.  These really weird puppets start dancing around and trying to convince people to leave the area and go with them.  Some do....but I look around and I see Jesus standing off to the side.  He just smiles at me.  He disappears and the reappears on another side of the room.  And again, He is smiling at me. It seems no one else can see Him but me.

Then the puppets shriek and disappear and Jesus comes full into view stepping out from behind a rich burgundy velvet curtain.  He comes to me with a bowl and a pitcher.  He stoops down where I am sitting and takes off my shoes and begins to wash my feet.  I keep telling Him that I am unworthy for Him to do that and then I say with tears streaming something to the effect for Him to wash my head and hands too.  He just chuckles and stands up, kisses my forehead and say, "So much like Peter....Time to go."  And that's when I woke up.  This dream has left me broken in so many ways.  The Master of all the Universe was showing Himself, as always, a Servant of all - an example to be followed.

But the thing that has captured my attention more than anything is this, I don't remember hearing His heartbeat.  As much as I was holding Him and close to Him, I never once heard the beat of His heart. Then this thought came to me, His heartbeat is the Church, the Body of Christ.  As long as the Body of Christ is on the earth, we can hear His heartbeat.  It is up to us to show the world the real Jesus.  We are to reveal the heartbeat of the Father to the world -- people. God love all of us so much that He was willing to send His only Son to the earth to be the perfect sacrifice for the remission of sins.  How much more can someone love?  Jesus, for the love of mankind, gave up His throne in glory to dwell among us, to serve us, to teach us.  He loved us so much.

We can't even begin to comprehend how much He loves us.  I just wish I could convey to you the amazing love He has towards us.  I wish I had the words to describe accurately the feeling I had from this dream.  All I can do is tell you what I saw and hope it blesses you.