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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week of 11/6/11 Featured Shop

This week I am featuring Stone Creek Turnings from

Meet Eric and Jennifer, owners/designers of Stone Creek Turnings:

Turning wood has evolved into a great hobby that I am now able to share with you. My favorite part of turning wood is uncovering the beauty within the wood. It is also very relaxing to watch the shavings fly! I have enjoyed being able to display my work throughout my home and truly believe that you will too.


I am the other side of the this shop. I would love to be as creative as my husband is, but some one has to love doing the business side of the shop. Just one of the many reasons why we "work." He makes beautiful creations and I get to have fun responding to emails and tweaking item descriptions.


Check out our blog we both write posts for at I’m new to the blogging scene but I am looking forward to sharing more about my woodworking and a bit more about me. I really enjoy trying new techniques and styles so I would love to know what you like and would like to see more of! Use code SCTBLOG for 10% off your purchase from our shop.