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Monday, December 26, 2011

Featured Shop of 12/26/2011

This week let me introduce you to Madison Street Beauty, a mineral makeup company from

Madison Street Beauty offers 100% natural mineral makeup, such as foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, blush, bronzer, lip balm and more! They guarantee our mineral make-up will never contain anything artificial or bad for your skin. Madison Street Beauty's makeup contains absolutely NO: synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives, chemicals, parabens, fillers, additives, fragrances or talcs.

About Madison Street Beauty:

Madison Street Beauty's cosmetics are handmade from scratch, all-natural and most items are also vegan. It's important to the makers of Madison Street Beauty to create a product that is safe and sustainable for humans, animals, and the environment. They are proud to say that we have never and will never test on animals.

*All of Madison Street Beauty's cosmetics are safe for sensitive skin and non-comedogenic. They strive to make a high-quality product that is intensely pigmented to last you a long time. All of Madison Street's mineral make-up will never ever expire! *as inorganic material, it can not support the growth of bacteria of any kind.

*All of Madison Street Beauty's items are safe to wear whilst you work out, swim, sleep and are all photo-friendly. The photo-friendly quality is achieved by taking special care when making formulas that include reflective minerals so that in photographs your makeup will always look natural and beautiful.

Here are some reviews and tutorials of our products:

Please take this opportunity to see what Madison Street Beauty customers are saying by visiting their feedback page here

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