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Friday, July 26, 2013

FREE Friday Afternoon Project - Classic Romance Necklace

Friday, here at last!  What a week!  Glad it's about over.  How about a free project to make it all better?!

An elegant and intricate necklace made from the Jewelry Class In A Box Classic style available from Prima Bead.  This particular project is very intensive and requires more advanced skills.  Project will take about an hour or two.

This particular kit contains glass pearls in various sizes and colors, silver plated findings, jewelry wire, stretch cord, a fluffy bead mat, instruction booklet, and a 3-In-One Tool. This would make some great Christmas jewelry too.

Materials all come from the kit.  No extra pieces required.
2 - 14mm Cream Glass Pearls
2 - 14mm Black Glass Pearls
6 - 10mm Black Glass Pearls
4 - 10mm Cream Glass Pearls
10 - 8mm Cream Glass Pearls
8 - 8mm Black Glass Pearls
8 - Champagne Rondelles
4 - Rhinestone Rondelle Spacers
5 - Head Pins
15 - Eye Pins (If for some reason you are short these, use the trimmed pieces)
1 - Clasp
1 - Jump Ring
1 - Extender Chain
1 - Link Chain

Flat Nose
Flush Cutters
Round Nose Pliers

Skills Required:
Form a Loop
Cutting Chain
Jump Rings

Measure and cut a 5.5" piece of chain.  Measure and cut three 4" pieces of chain. Set one of the 4 inch pieces aside.
Create 6 bead connectors by placing one bead onto each eye pin and forming a loop. You will need two 8mm cream pearl, two 8mm black pearl, and two champagne rondelle connectors.

Attach the champagne connectors to each end of the 5.5" chain. Attach a 4" piece of chain to the champagne connector on each side.  Attach a cream pearl connector to each end of the chain. (See photos above.) Attach a black pearl connector to the cream connector on each side. This creates a beaded chain.

Use a jump ring to attach a clasp to one end of the beaded chain (see photo on right).  Attach the extender chain to the other end of the beaded chain.

Measure four links in the chain and pass an eye pin through the link. (See photo on left).  Slide on an 8mm cream pearl, a 10mm black pearl, a champagne rondelle, and a 10mm black pearl. Form a loop.  Repeat for the other side of the necklace.

Create two dangles by placing a 14mm cream pearl onto an eye pin and forming a loop. Attach the dangles to the eye pins hanging from the chain on each side. (See photo on right.)

Measure five links over from the very first eye pin and pass an eye pin through the link.  Slide on a 14mm cream pearl and form a loop. Repeat on opposite side. (See photo on left.)

Create two dangles consisting of a 10mm black pearl, a rhinestone rondelle spacer, an 8mm cream pearl, and a champagne rondelle each. (See photo on right.)

Attach to each 14mm cream pearl. (See photo below.)

Measure seven links over from previous eye pin and insert an eye pin through the link. Slide on a 10mm black pearl, an 8mm cream pearl, a 10mm black pearl, and the last link of the 4" chain that was set aside.  Form a loop. Repeat on opposite side. (See photos below.)

Measure nine links over from the last eye pin and insert an eye pin into the link.  (See photo to left.) Slide on a 10mm cream pearl, a 8mm black pearl, a 10mm cream pearl and pass through the ninth link over from the end of the bottom chain.  Form a loop. Repeat of opposite side.

At the center point of the top chain (should be at the 14th link from the last eye pin) insert an eye pin and thread on a 8mm cream pearl, a champagne rondelle, a rhinestone rondelle spacer, and a 14mm black pearl.  Pass the pin through the center point of the bottom chain (should be the 15th link over from the previous eye pin) and form a loop.

Created on last dangle on a head pin by sliding on a 14mm black pearl, a rhinestone rondelle spacer, a champagne spacer, and a 8mm cream pearl.  Form a loop. Attach to the loop of the eye pin you just finished.

Enjoy your necklace.