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Monday, January 30, 2012

So....I started painting

For a Christmas present, my dear hubby gave me an artist set complete with brushes, paints, pastels, canvases, an easel, pencils, paper, and a carrying bag.  Well, I started painting.  I burned out two paintings tonight (1/30/12) and I did a four canvas painting on Saturday (1/28/12). I haven't had this much fun painting since college.  I had forgotten how relaxing and therapeutic it was to paint.  My love is abstract paintings and these are no exception.  I can't paint anything realistic to save my I paint abstract.  If I were drawing with Chalk Pastels, no problem getting something to look realistic.  It's something about the paints that bring out my inner child.  I have paint smears all over my hands.  My nails look slightly blue because of the paint AND I DON'T CARE!   I can't stop.....I'm off to paint so more.

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  1. I love painting. It is one of the most relaxing activities in all the world :-)