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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Weekend Whimsy DIY - Wire Ear Cuff the Interchangeable Charms

It's been some time since I have done a blog post. So, why not do a tutorial?

Today's tutorial is a super cute and trendy, easy to make spiral wire ear cuff with an adorable interchangeable charm.  These charms are made with Swarovksi® crystals and are available exclusively from Michael's Craft Stores.  These little beauties are put out by Cousin Corporation of America.  The charms come in a variety of shapes such as bumble bees, flowers, hearts, owl, and even birthstone colors.

Cousin Corporation sent the us ambassadors a few of these charms to play around with. At the end of this tutorial are links to the other projects done by my fellow ambassadors.

I chose this lovely peacock feather charm to start with.

1 Paradise Shine Peacock Feather Charm
20 gauge wire

Ruler with both standard and metric measurements
Round Nose Pliers
Bail Making Pliers (optional)
Eye Protection

Skill Level: Beginner


Cut a 4 inch section of wire.  Lay the wire against the metric side of the ruler, and measure 4 cm from one end of the wire. Bend the wire back over itself using round nose pliers.

Measure 3 cm from the bend and and then fold the other end of the wire over forming a "Z" shape.

Using your round nose pliers form a loose spiral on each tail end of the wire.

Wrap your form around the barrel of a pen or use the larger barrel of bail making pliers to curve the form into an ear cuff.

Slightly bend the back of the ear cuff inward slightly to grip the lobe.

Add your charm.  These charms come complete with a little lobster claw clip and make it super easy to change out your charm to a different one.  You can make your charm a permanent addition by using chain nose pliers to open the jump ring connecting the clip and the charm and removing the clip.  Tighten the spiral at the bottom of the ear cuff so that it is not as open.  Attach the charm using the jump ring and then close the jump ring.  Personally, I like that I can change these out.

Happy crafting!

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