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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What Would Happen?

So what would happen if you gave eight very unique designers the same exact beads to work with?   We are about to find out!  One of our Creative Circle Ambassadors, Dawn Doucette, came up with the idea and hand-picked our supplies for us and a great job she did too.

We have been issued a challenge to create unique items using the same pieces. Okay...sounds fun.  Reveal date will be on March 30th.   We can do whatever we want using the materials given and adding in our own findings, beads, chains, etc. that make us happy. 

I do plan to blog along the way as I brainstorm as to what to create.

Below I have grouped our ladies into "teams.  Most of them have been grouped together by their styles and techniques.  The last grouping is of the last two remaining original Creative Circle Ambassadors.


The Glamazons:   It's all about the bling with these two.  The more sparkly, the better for them.  They can move between sharp, edgy, on trend designs to laid back girl next door styling.  They know how to bring the punch to their designs.

Allison Cooling - young, innovative, edgy designer of Quiet Lion Creation, skilled photographer, graphic designer, blogger

After obsessively scanning through Vogue and other fashion magazines, she became inspired by the designer jewelry that filled the pages. Wanting to replicate the look and feel of those designs; she found that after a few experiments, it was easy to do.

Allison aims to show the world that making cool, hip, and beautiful jewelry is fun, regardless of skill level. Her blog is devoted to DIY jewelry using all types of techniques and materials. Occasionally, Allison posts tutorials for men's jewelry, accessory DIYs, nail design DIYs, recipes and art inspirations.

Rebecca Grafton Utermohlen - young, feisty, vibrant, leans more towards the sparkles and glitter, DIY jewelry fanatic, marathon runner, dedicated blogger

Rebecca started making jewelry as a 12-year-old kid who was bored one summer and needed a hobby. As the years have passed, jewelry making became more than just a hobby; it developed into a true passion. Rebecca dabbles in all types of different crafts, but jewelry making remains her favorite.

The Romantics:  These ladies always seem to have that old world charm in their designs.  Romance exudes from all they create. They are laid back, calm people who love the world around them.

Dawn Doucette -Victorian influenced, one of a kind designs, attention to the most intricate details, created works of art that become family heirlooms.

Dawn has been designing jewelry since she was a little girl. What began as loomed friendship bracelets evolved into a business of creating couture jewelry; Bella Amore Legacy Jewelry. Dawn works with gemstones, crystals, pearls and seed beads to create one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Her designs have been published in Beadwork Magazine; winning design contests and modeled by distinguished public speakers.

Molly Moore Alexander - wire and mixed media artist, blogger

Molly is a self-taught jewelry, mixed-media and mosaic artist, and is the owner and designer of Miss Molly’s Designs. Here jewelry designs have been published in such publications as Bead Trends, Belle Armoire Jewelry, Jewellery Magazine and Jewelry Affaire, and can be found in public and private collections around the world.

Each of Molly’s pieces are created lovingly in her home workshop, incorporating copper, silver, glass, resin and natural stones with wire, fiber and found objects, resulting in unique, one-of-a-kind designs. Molly continues to push herself artistically, learning new techniques and working with exciting new materials whenever she can to keep her designs distinctive and current.

The Die-Hard DIY/Crafters:  These ladies bring a very unique perspective to the table.  They have the ability to switch back and forth between crafting and jewelry design with great ease.

Rachel Goodman Nielsen - DIY enthusiast, dedicated blogger

Rachel loves to create. Some of her passions include baking, building stuff, sewing, gardening, crafting and, of course, making jewelry. Rachel loves to try new things and a few years ago decided to give jewelry making a shot. Her sister showed her a few basic skills and she was hooked. She enjoys the process of creating a piece of jewelry and learning new techniques. Rachel shares what she creates with the readers of her blog, Adventures of a DIY Mom, in the form of step-by-step tutorials. Rachel is a wife and stay-at-mom to four kids, three girls and a boy.

Carolina Moore - DIY Fanatic, blogger

Caroline has been crafting all her life in a variety of areas including jewelry, quilting, and papercrafting.  She currently maintains two blogs dedicated to her crafting - alwaysexpectmoore and 30minutecrafts.

She is a newcomer to the Cousin Creative Circle experience.

The Silver Sisters - The last two remaining original Creative Circle Members.  We have been with Cousin from the beginning back in August of 2011.

Lisa Crone - laid back and very organized, author of A Bead in Time, blogger, bead fanatic, creates more classical designs with modern twists, beachy and nature themed designs

Lisa has been designing beaded jewelry for over 20 years. She is a self-professed bead fanatic and enjoys learning new techniques from other bead enthusiasts through books, magazines and classes or improvising as she goes.

In her book A Bead in Time Lisa shares her journey of finding design inspiration in nature, artwork, vacations and the craft store. She currently maintains a daily beading blog where the tagline reads, “appreciating the individual beauty of beads and the unique works of art they are used to create.”

Lisa blogs to share in the fun of the online beading community. She regularly showcases beads, techniques, projects, bead artists, designers and crafters.

Shelly Owen (aka Me) - jewelry designer, wire and metal artist, graphic designer, painter, design style varies, given to melancholy on occasion

Shelly is a self-taught designer with over 20 years experience in jewelry design.  Her designs have been seen on the CW's hit show "Hart of Dixie" and published in Crafts 'n Things magazine.

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