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Sunday, June 15, 2014

DIY: Ribbon Bead Earrings

Love the look of ribbon jewelry?  Then you will love this tutorial.  It's easy and simple.  There are no major skills required at all.  All you need is a bit of imagination to create these lovely earrings.

Skill Level:

Skills Needed:
Opening Jump Rings

Two 8mm Split Rings
Ear Wires
2 Large Holed Beads
Fray No More or product similar

Flat/Chain Nose Pliers
Collapsible Eye Needle

Measure and cut two pieces of ribbon around 8 inches long.  Open the loop at the bottom of the ear wires and slide on a split ring. Close the loop.  The reason I used split rings instead of regular jump rings is the split rings are more stable and can hold up under rough handling.  Go ahead and repeat for the other ear wire.

Slide the ribbon into the split ring.  Slip on the collapsible eye needle onto both ends of the ribbon.  Slide the needle into the opening of the bead and out the other side.  Pull completely through and slide the needle off.  

Slide the bead up the ribbon and tie an overhand knot just up from the end of the ribbon.  Coat the ends of the ribbon with the Fray No More.

Repeat for the other earrings.  Wear them in style.