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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Simple Charm

Cousin Corporation of America is rolling out a new easy jewelry line for those who want trendy and simplistic at the same time. Simple Charm is a series of interchangeable focal connector charms. Popular icons, both trendy and whimsical, are made into fashionable connectors. Five different bracelet bases are available to choose from.  It is easy to customize your unique accessories with NO TOOLS OR SPECIAL SKILLS REQUIRED.

This line is set to debut in your local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores on May 15th.

I had the opportunity to play around with some of these.  I have to tell you it's super easy.  I love stacking them.  I was actually able to adjust the size of the bracelet by choosing a smaller or larger connector based on how I wanted the bracelet to hang.  Talk about comfort.  I also mixed and matched my metal colors.  I put a gold charm on the silver bracelet.

These are the ones I received from Cousin. 

The bracelet bases (on right) I received were textured which I really liked.

I love this rhinestone anchor and this faux druzy.

There is even an evil eye charm and a butterfly.

The hooks on the bracelets slip right into the rings on the connectors.  You just give the bracelet a little squeeze to connect and disconnect.  These are great for when you want a quick and stylish bracelet to wear.

So what will these fun and easy charm connectors and bracelets run you?  They are priced from $1.99 to $5.99.  That's a whole lot cheaper than buying ready made jewelry at the department store.

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