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Monday, May 21, 2012

Featured Shop of May 21st, 2012

This week, we are featuring Distorted Earth, a bohemian-chic jewelry boutique on

Meet Brandy Kamenski, owner of Distored Earth.


I am from Newport, NJ. I have a wonderful family. My husband, Chad, and I have a soon to be 3 year old son. I am a 27 year old stay at home mom. My family is my top priority but I love making jewelry in my spare time.  I make what I like. Everything I make is an expression of my self and style or of some variation. Sometimes it's hard to part with some pieces, but I can't keep them all and I love the thought of my work being worn and appreciated by other people.

I became seriously interested in making jewelry when I was about 14. I would make beaded jewelry and try to sell it at the flea market or small local craft shows. While I met some pretty cool people and had some fun times, I never had any success selling my jewelry. As I got older, I found eBay. Off to the craft store I went. But it was a failed attempt. I could not move my jewelry there either. I stopped making jewelry for a long time until my my mother-in-law introduced me to Etsy around 2007. I did a vintage shop, a pet toy shop, and a woodworking shop with Chad. I saw jewelry sellers doing really well.  I started researching. I noticed that beaded jewelry was so popular that the competition was unbelievable. All really great stuff! No wonder it was so hard for me to sell my simple beaded jewelry! So I decided to go with wire wrapping thus birthing Distorted Earth in 2010. I ordered the supplies and just pretty much taught myself how to wrap with a few tips on the internet. I practiced a lot and I enjoy making rings the most so that is my focus. Chad, on the other hand enjoys making earrings. He is also great at coming up with new design ideas That inspire my own designs. My husband, Chad, also contributes one of a kind pieces and helps with new designs. He is very creative and has his own style.

I draw my inspiration from the bohemian style. I love earth tones and nature. I also get a lot of inspiration from my family too. My son calls the rings circles. So some of the designs were made to look like circles.

My advice to anyone just starting out in jewelry making would be to just be creative and make what you like. Also search online for great suppliers instead of going to the craft store. You will be amazed at the price difference! You get what you put in. Hard work pays off. learn all you can and experiment. You will find what works. Selling jewelry goes beyond making the the jewelry. I spend more time on the business aspect then I do on making jewelry.

My husband is also very talented in woodworking so we have a shop at There you will find beautiful wood keepsake boxes and other wood crafts. My mother-in-law makes crochet hats. You can find her at

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