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Monday, August 22, 2011

This Week's Featured Shop

This week I am featuring gogogorobot from

Meet Halley Proctor, owner of gogogorobot.

Hi, I am Halley Proctor. I live in West Palm Beach, Florida. Although born a writer, I like to surround myself with the tangible worlds I imagine. I am are inspired by strings folded in curious whimsy or knotted in symmetry searching for order, how easy knees can be skinned and how complicated they are to mend, how an accessory can be subtle or the main attraction, the smell of dusty books and reading non-timestamped notes along the edge, transformative vintage clothing and dancing around to the records the wearer might have.
All of my items are in one way or another environmentally friendly, whether it is the handing down of a vintage item from one hand to another or the yarn that I twirl. They are all thrifted, antiqued, or destash leading to the reduction of the demand of a product and therefor reducing its reason to supply. By reducing the supply of a product, there are less gas emissions used to create and ship as well as the resources used to mass produce. All handmade items are one of a kind (OOAK), although limited variables and geometric standards cause some of my items to be similar to others. Basically, I don't use any patterns. My materials are all second hand. I either pre-design or make as I go.