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Monday, August 8, 2011

This Week's Featured Shop

This week, I am featuring Soap For Your Soul, an all natural soap vendor from Etsy.

Meet Emily, owner and operator of Soap For Your Soul:

I love to make soap. That's about it.  I love the smells, the colors, the designs, the herbs, spices, and the chemistry involved. It's become quite a challenge to make them look like they smell! Mike, my husband, has recently joined me in my passion for saponification. Now he dreams about soap. :) (It's catching, so don't get too close to a soapmaker!) Thanks to our loyal customers, we get to spend every day together in our home with our family making a superior bar of natural soap!

My Aunt learned from the Amish to make soap using tallow, lard and so on....I was intrigued, and being it was 2000, there was very little information available. So I started experimenting...

Soapmaking becomes a passion… If you ever think you might want to just try it, be careful! It's super addicting. "Well, I'll try these scents together", or "Wonder what color this will make my soap?"...That's how it starts. The next thing you know your kitchen turns into one big experimental lab for cooking up new receipes for soap, and your dining room has a soap drying rack built into the wall.

I do love to make the soap. I've been doing it for over 10 years now, and have narrowed my recipes to my family's and customer's favorites. Each bar is truly vegan, handmade by cold process with herbs, essential oils, botanical identicals, and vegetable oils.

As of late, I am making a selection of my peep's <---that's YOU< favorite scents, and have started to play with the color and design aspect of cold process soap...It's my canvas, now, so to speak. I fully intend to continue pushing the boundries of design in cold process soap, while keeping it as organic as possible.

I love kids, my man and my garden. Mike and I share almost every aspect of running our lives, of which our trade: is a huge part of. He is my God-send when it comes to "running to town". ~haha

Together we are teaching and passing on our talents and love for the crafts and arts of old. We are also passing the next generation an example of a life more focused on LIVING. :)

Thank you so much for supporting work at home Moms, Independent Artists, and lndie/Cottage businesses! We love Etsy!

By ordering from me, you are allowing me to do what I love to do everyday, while being here with my little one and for that I can never THANK YOU enough!

Love your now~
Peace and Joy to you and yours,

Emily Anne

By email:

I have two other shops on ETSY.COM
be sure to check them out while you're here!
Soooooooo visit my shop here: :)

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