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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week of 7/4 Featured Shop

This week I have chose theJuke2 from

Meet Kristen:
It's pronounced "yook"! My husband's nickname growing up was "The Juke" after his last name, so when I joined the family I became "The Juke 2" (the second "Juke").

I started taking pictures as soon as I learned how to use a camera and was old enough to use my mother's without dropping it. My very first camera was a Where's Waldo 110 film camera and I often used it to take photos of puddles and the sky. My passion still lies in nature photography and I strive to capture the world in a unique way. KRJ Photography NY is based out of upstate New York and was established in 2011.

Twitter: KRJuchem!/KRJuchem